Reasons to Use 9292mobiel in International Travels

addWhen you go abroad, what are the things that you usually set your mind to bring? You will always include these items in your checklist- passport, mobile device, wallet, and money. But one thing that you should add to your list is the 9292mobiel app. You can easily download it on your mobile device like your mobile phone or tablet. You just go to the Android Play Store if you own an Android device or to the iOS App Store if you have an iPhone or iPad. Search for the 9292mobiel app and then install it. It is free so you do not have to worry about spending a single dollar on it.

Why should you have 9292mobiel on your travels internationally?

We have offline maps available

You do not have data on your mobile device? No problem! Our international maps are downloadable online. You just need the internet when installing the maps on your mobile device. You can then use the map when you are traveling internationally. You just have to look and trace your destination from your actual location. We indicate all possible tourist spots near your area. You can check out our list of apparel and clothing stores which you can visit when you are traveling abroad. We even give gift codes from our partner sites. Use the code promo for La Redoute  or media markt gutschein promo if you want to save money on fashionable clothes and apparel.


We have affiliate companies abroad

We have an international company. We work with local and international brands which makes our mobile app very useful when traveling abroad. We can link your location to the nearest restaurant or food kiosk of the type of cuisine that you are craving for. We can even give you the Grab Food promo code if you are in Jakarta. We have a network of partner companies in Asia, the US, Europe, Africa, and the Pacific so you do not have to look online for the best and most talked about tourist spots in other countries. You just have to log in to our app and you can instantly travel hassle-free abroad.