A Mobile App That Promotes Sharing

With the numerous cars and vehicles produced, sold, and used every day, we cannot disagree with the fact that this case will contribute to traffic congestion in the country. This leads to waste of time and energy for a lot of people. Unconsciously, delays and energy wasted can have a domino effect on society. Also using a lot of cars and vehicles can contribute to every day pollution. By having these in mind, 9292mobiel created the idea of accessing ride, bike or car share options.

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Sharing Your Ride

The 9292mobiel has a feature where you can share your ride with other travelers and passengers as well. On this feature, app user may see the nearest car or bike ride share available. The app will connect drivers and passengers and give the user real-time notification and status. The feature will both benefit the driver and the passenger. On the part of the driver, they have their empty seats taken by sharing a ride, drivers may offer local or long distances drive and they may also save a lot by sharing rides and will gain them new friends as well. While on the part of the passenger, they may also save a lot on doing ride sharing. Passengers may search for a local or long-distance ride offers, gain new friends and have one great fun ride.

Protecting the environment

ride sharingUsing this feature will be beneficial to the community. Traffic and pollution will be lessened. The savings will be acquired and gaining new friends and the network will make a ride more wonderful. The 9292mobiel provides every personal public transportation planner ideal, practical and fun way of doing trips and travels. As we believe that in every journey a lot can be learned, a lot can be enjoyable and a lot can be explored. At 9292mobiel, traveling and trips are not an everyday boring routinely kind of lifestyle, but a life of learnings, innovations, and fun.

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