The 9292mobiel is the most advanced and most convenient personal public transport planner that you can rely on. If you are longing for a convenient, memorable and personalized trip and travel experience we, at 9292mobiel, have it all for you. More than just a map, Apps & Mobile is a journey planner app that perfectly fits your everyday journey in life. It integrates major and even minor public transport networks, from public hiways, parking locator, car share or bike, 9292mobiel has it all to assist you in routes that suit your need.

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Who We Are

Built and designed by the minds of our talented and creative staffs, 9292mobiel aspires to be the best and most needed personal public transport planner app in today’s modern way of living. We promote a convenient, fast and hassle-free journey and trips for all of our users.

What We Offer

In today’s fast-paced way of living, it is important to get and use every second and minute of our everyday lives most creatively and smartly. This is why 9292mobiel adheres to every type of living and trip experience. We aim to support and be of help to every type of travelers, may it be businessmen, employees, entrepreneurs or tourists. In having this mission and vision, a lot of partners has put their trust and support to this awesome app. Learn more about us by experiencing and having your journey with us. Receive also some coupon code & discounts, coupon codes on products and shop online by using special discounts given by our full support partners.