Customize Your Journey with Us

The 9292mobiel as a personal public transport planner will help you to have the most convenient travel in the preferences that you need and want. As a personal planner, 9292mobiel is a handy and user-friendly app where you can customize every trip that you will have. By planning your journey, you create unique routes so that your trip from point A to point B will be even faster. The app will help and guide you to the fastest and ideal routes possible for you to save more time.

Have No Fear of Getting Lost Again

Getting lost in a foreign country or unexplored city can be a daunting experience. Just imagine getting lost when you are physically drained and just wanting to go back to your hotel, it must be confusing and annoying at the same time. But have no fear, 9292 Mobiel is a well-built app designed for you not to get lost. It is easy to use like the Lazada discount coupon where you can plan your route and subroute on the spot. Our app will direct you to the nearest establishments for whatever purpose it may serve you.

A Convenient Mobile App for You

By connecting with public transport networks, the app will help you have a more customized trip. It gives information such as time of some of the city buses schedule of departure and arrival, real-time traffic updates, and even info about some remote streets that other apps cannot reach.

transportThe app has different features that will help you to create a personalized and creative surface as well. From changing surface colors to choosing the navigator’s voice and language giving you the convenience whether you are a tourist from other countries that are just discovering and exploring the city of The Netherlands or whether you’re a local Dutch who is convenient in using own native tongue.

By having traveler’s customizing features, you can create and set your locations as well such as your home, office, family or your friend’s location or any other place you like. The app allows you to synchronize your travel information. By creating your profile in 9292mobiel with just a touch of a button on your phone, you can take your planned trips in any modes of transportation you set may it be via bus, cabs or metro.

Having it all comes in handy; you may find every trip and journey accurate, faster and planned in the way you wanted it to be.

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